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     EASY Translation is committed to offering you the highest quality translation services. By adhering to the principle of punctunality, we always deliver the translation work on time, as our Project Coordinators and Translation and Editing Team works 24 hours a day to ensure you will get back all translated works on time. Wherever you are, as long as you can access to the Internet you will be able to access to our customer service and know the progress status of your job. Apart from our punctuality attitude, our Quality Assurance Mechanisms and experiences of project management  enable the quality and consistency of our translation work, that’s why we are trusted by our clients across the world.       Translation needs to take into account constraints that include context, the grammar rules of the source and target languages, their writing conventions and their idioms.
    Our translators, based on their expertise on the specific industry, their fully understanding of both source and target language as well as their rich linguistic experiences, will take into account all these attributes of language, and they produce a target text that conveys the same meaning as the source text does in an uncompromising and idiomatic manner, and based on specific client requirements and instructions. It is therefore important for you to specify for what purpose the translation is required, what the targeted audience is going to be, and our linguists will then be able to employ the appropriate style and wording.                                
     Easy Translators' background:                                                          

    -Linguists with more than 10-year translation experiences                         
    -Linguists with outstanding academic backgrounds                       
    -Linguists with proven track records                                                    
    -Linguists with good expertise in a specific industry                        
     -Moret than 80 both in-house and freelance translators                        
     -All linguists are certified by CATTI, NATTI, ATA, etc.